How it works?

UBuild Kit Homes provides assembled, ready to be bolted together on site, wall frame panels and roof trusses. It is as easy as fixing one panel at a time. With our comprehensive step by step manual, you will have a clear understanding of where to begin and what to do next, from the onset.
UBuild Kit Homes makes it simple by including holes for plumbing and electrical wiring which are pre-added in. The roof trusses are similar in all you need to do is bolt them together – This sentence is wrong and doesn’t make sense, maybe write “The roof trusses are similar pre assembled units (PAU) that fix easily together.” The doors and windows are pre-made to be inserted into wall frame openings. Does that sound simple? That’s because it is. UBuild Kit Homes have worked hard to make every kit home, easy to build.

The process

In eight steps, your UBuild Kit Home is designed and built. It’s that simple:

  • Decide if you want a standard design or custom design.
  • For a free quote either phone UBuild Kit Homes on 07 3092 0470, email our professional team at or submit an online form.
  • We will contact you directly to discuss more about your plan.
  • When the design is finalised and costing’s are made available to you, a contract is drafted.
  • Upon an initial deposit, your finalised plans are provided to you.
  • With the final plans of your home you will then need to seek council approval, (which we can help assist you with).
  • Once approved and ready to build, we will organise the delivery of the kit home with a comprehensive step by step instruction manual.
  • You are now ready to begin your building project and let the real fun begin.

Our design philosophy

UBuild Kit Homes is committed to using environmentally sustainable design principles when designing houses. These design principles, such as maximising northerly orientation, capturing prevailing breezes or incorporating thermal mass, all strive to promote year round comfort without excessive energy consumption. Depending in which climatic zone your home is located, there are appropriate and cost effective design strategies which will reduce your home’s carbon footprint. We appreciate that every project has its own set of functional and budgetary challenges. However, we believe there is always an opportunity to ensure that the project contributes to a more sustainable built environment.

The truth behind steel frames

Strength, longevity and value for money are the very reasons why UBuild Kit Homes uses steel frames.

The benefits of using steel

The benefits of working with steel are not only the cost savings up front but also the potential cost savings in the future. For example, if you build with timber frames, you have the added cost of annual termite inspections around the completed home. Not to mention the damage and cost to repair a home if the house was to get termites. With steel frames, you do not have to worry about termites effecting the structure of your home ever again.
In addition, steel frames do not pose a risk to rot, which can occur in timber structures. Ease your mind and choose steel frames when you build. Better yet, choose UBuild Kit Homes to give that professional touch.
For the DIY builder, the easier and safer option is to choose steel frames. Eliminate the danger of nail guns and the need to use cranes. If it does rain during construction, the steel is fine to leave exposed. Steel frames are also lighter, which helps with the carrying and installation.
Of course the other major benefit, is the strength and durability. Which will be more durable in times such as a house fire than if timber frames were used. Finally, if you needed any more reasons, choosing to work with steel frames also offers a greener alternative.

What UBuild Kit Homes offer

Of course you can rely on UBuild Kit Homes to go one step further than just using steel frames for the Kit Homes, we use zinc-coated steel. The steel structural systems including floor frames, wall frames and roof trusses are all engineered, with state of the art software to ensure the required structural strength, accuracy in measurements and limited wastage of materials.
Utilising the latest in steel frame fastening technology to assemble frames and trusses, UBuild Kit Homes uses 1.0 mm thick ZINCALUME® steel, fastened with the patented Henrob™ self-piercing riveting system, or Buildex® GX® frame screws, known for their superior strength.


UBuild Kit Homes supply a comprehensive kit of materials together with the necessary technical documentation needed, to construct your project to lockup stage. See below for a complete list of inclusions and exclusions.

Kit Home Inclusions

  • Architectural drawings & approved engineering drawings ready for submission to your private certifier or local council authority.
  • Detailed construction manual.
  • All floor framing materials posts, bearers joists in quality ZINCALUME ® steel, complete with hardware and fastener kit.
  • STRUCTAflor ® particleboard flooring as standard, with adhesive and fastener kit. Optional upgrade to Scyon ™ Secura ™ floor sheeting.
  • All pre-assembled wall frames, posts and beams where required, in quality ZINCALUME ® steel, complete with hardware and fastener kit.
  • WeatherTex ® wall cladding, vapour / thermal barrier to R12.34 and fastener kit.
  • Powder coated aluminium sliding windows (with choice of colour from our range), with timber jambs and fastener kit.
  • Solid core pre-primed flush external grade doors with hinges, entrance set door furniture, timber jambs and fastener kit. Optional upgrade to your choice of external doors and door furniture from our range.
  • All pre-assembled roof trusses, rafters where required, roof battens and ceiling battens in quality ZINCALUME ® steel, complete with hardware and fastener kit.
  • Roofing and rainwater goods in standard COLORBOND ® ZINCALUME ® steel (with choice of colour from our range), including roof sheets (custom orb, trim deck or metal tile profile),ridge cap, barge cap as required, valley gutters as required, steel fascia’s and gutters, roof insulation blanket to R12.34 ,and fastener kit.
  • Soffit sheet in 4.5mm fibre cement sheet, with joining strips and fastener kit.

Kit Home Exclusions

  • Site soil test.
  • Building application fees.
  • All site works.
  • Sand, cement, and concrete.
  • All plumbing and electrical works (materials & labour).
  • Any materials not required for lock-up stage.
  • Stairs and handrails
  • Paint
  • Freight costs

For a free quote, call one of our professional consultants at UBuild Kit Homes. By phoning us on 07 3092 0470, emailing at or submitting an online form.